Three Plays

Three Plays is a collection of satirical plays from playwright Nicholas Sgouros.

Three Plays - cover

Release date:   Spring 2017.

Paperback available online and in select bookstores. Ebook available on Amazon, Kindle and iTunes.

Overview:  Each of the plays comprising this collection has been performed to critical acclaim in Canada or the United States.

Annika Gold.  Los Angeles, 1948. Annika Gold was once Hollywood’s biggest star, but that star has begun to fade. Just as she is to be cast in the comeback role of a lifetime, the death of her ex-husband, a Communist sympathizer, puts her future in the pictures in jeopardy. Will she risk becoming a victim of the Blacklist by honoring her husband’s memory, or will she submit to the studio’s pressure and accept the lure of top billing and her name on the marquee?

Be Careful, There’s a Baby in the House.  With his wife and young daughter at an overnight stay at his in-laws’, John hires a lady of the night for a little “fun.” But is she what she claims to be, and what is with those annoying, distracting noises from the next room?

Elegy for a Lost Bookmark.  Phil has lost his bookmark. When this lonely poet returns to the beach where he last had it, he meets Jane, another literary minded soul with a sympathetic ear to lend and perhaps the chance to live his life off the page.

About the Playwright:  Nicholas Sgouros is from Indiana. He holds a BA in English from Ball State University and an MFA in Theatre from Ohio University, where he also taught playwriting for two years. His plays have been staged in Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, and California. Most recently, his work has been seen in Toronto at the New Ideas Festival and the LabCab Festival. His fiction and criticism has been published in FarWest Almanac, The Nashwaak Review, Paper Darts, and MadHat Lit. He currently lives in Toronto.