The Painted Cafe

Painted Cafe - coverThe Painted Café is artist Andrew Judd’s account of his discovery and exploration of the famed coffee houses of Vienna.  While painting throughout the former imperial city, he discovered a diverse and thriving culture within its many cafés. Each is unique, a blend of gracious elegance and old world beauty perfectly reflective of its neighbourhood and its clientele. He set out to capture their distinctive charms, personalities and ambience in his work. In The Painted Café, he describes his journey and his artistic process. “Painting in a café is an infectious thing. I found myself drawn to the warm interiors, spending more and more time sorting and solving the visual challenges of their interior spaces. I became a serious people watcher.”

The Painted Café contains 33 full colour images of his illustrations and paintings, annotated with his observations and reflections on the city-wide café culture and its manifestation in each café.

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Andrew Judd lives in Toronto. See his full biography here.

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