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Martin Scribler Media News and Updates

Ron Thompson’s A Person of Letters, a satire on writing, publishing, love, obsession, and guilt, is available in print and eBook format.  Follow the author on Twitter (@thompsron) or Facebook for direct updates and notice of future appearances and events.

In a touch of magic realism, A Person of Letters has launched it’s own world tour.  “We anthropomorphize toys, cartoon ducks and rabbits, even Lego blocks,” Ron says.  “Why not books?” And so the novel A Person of Letters has morphed into the louche and sodden huckster APOL, which will do anything to grab a reader’s attention. The book has been sighted in various locales in Canada and the U.S., and around the world (France, Italy, Dubai, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Peru). Ron is having fun documenting his creation’s travels and shenanigans on his blog – follow it here.

Coming in 2018: Three Plays, by Nicholas Sgouros.

Coming in 2018, Poplar Lake, a tale of home town, family, and the secrets they keep, by Ron Thompson; a prequel to A Person of Letters.

Artist and painter Andrew Judd, author of The Painted Café, is currently dividing his time between Vienna, India, and Canada.

Watch this space for updates.