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At the Hundredth Meridian


The Hundredth Meridian, as any fan of the Tragically Hip knows, is where the Great Plains begin, and this week APOL began its tour there as it crossed into the mixed-grass prairie west of the Mississippi River. The area is known to history as the Missouri Territory; more recently it has been disparaged as “fly-over country”; but APOL will have none of that. Seven states, ranging from the Dakotas in the north to Texas in the south, straddle the Hundredth Meridian, and they have a combined population of 38 million. That’s a lot of potential readers. What’s more, in a region where you can sit on your porch and watch your dog run away for three days, they’re easy to spot.

The Missouri Territory performs a cameo in Poplar Lake, APOL’s sequel, which will be released in fall 2018.

Note: “APOL” is the anthropomorphic version of my satirical novel A Person of Letters, which has gone on tour without me (with a wink and a nod to magical realism). Follow APOL’s quixotic world tour here or on my Facebook Author Page, and read about all of APOL’s (mis)adventures in sequence on this tour archive.  For information about the book, go to Martin Scribler Media.