Welcome to Martin Scribler Media.  MSM is micro-publisher, and also promotes, distributes and wholesales the satiric work of Canadian author Ron Thompson.

Currently featured or coming soon:

Cover - A Person of LettersNow available:  A Person of Letters, a satire on writing, publishing, love, obsession, and guilt, by Ron Thompson.

Financial Frankenstein, idealist, misfit. Eco-terrorist, hero, victim. Who is this guy? Is he an unrecognized genius or just another hack? Maybe he’s responsible for the global financial crisis. Now he’s turned to writing. Will publishing ever be the same?

Available in hard copy and eBook.

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Coming in 2018:  Poplar Lake, a tale of home town and family and the secrets they keep, by Ron Thompson.

Poplar Lake is the prequel to A Person of Letters,  set in a small prairie town in the summer of 1990.

Poplar Lake with be available from Now or Never Publishing in hard copy and eBook formats.

Click here for a synopsis and more information about Poplar Lake.